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particles of raw inspiration

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- Born in the early eighties, which pretty much means I missed all the fun stuff while it was happening.
- Female, queer, compulsive writer, nerd, single, childless.
- Frequently at odds with my body and my brain.
- A citizen of the lovely little country otherwise known as Sweden.
- Works as a telephone muppet to pay the bills.

This journal contains adult material, slash and femslash. If gayness in any shape scares you, go somewhere else.

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Friending policy: If you want to friend me, go ahead! However, please don't be offended if I don't friend you back, as I try to keep my flist as manageble as possible. I tend to friend mostly fannish or writing-related journals, and people I have a personal relationship with. If you, for some strange reason, really really want to read my stupid whinings about work, let me know and I'll friend you.

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